But why canvay?

Forget about limits, slow performance and terrible customer service

A better experience

No limits

We don't put limits on the amount of visitors your site can receive

Blazing fast

We maintain our nodes well below capacity to guarantee consistent performance

Easy to use

Spend more time on things you actually enjoy thanks to our intuitive user interface

Outstanding support

No longer deal with annoying chat bots and autoreplys


Need something else? We provide a flexible platform for your project!

Global infrastructure

We provide a close location to your target customers, worldwide

Predictable pricing

Never receive an unexpected bill again with our predictable pricing model


As your business grows, we grow with you.


We guarantee a SLA of up to 99.99% for your site

Stay up to date

We'll inform you once or twice per month about new platform changes, new features and deals - but no spam, we promise.

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